BBC production. Italian police drama stars Rufus Sewell and Caterina Murino as Italian police detectives. Based on the Aurelio Zen novels by Michael Dibdin. 

(2011) 1 Season, 3 Episodes

Available on Netflix, PBS Streaming, Amazon

New York Post’s Linda Stasi’s review:

Who is that dashing Venetian detective working in Rome? The one who’s so cool he’s sizzling, so smart it’s scary and so sexy he makes it all positively captivating?

Aurelio Zen (short for “Zeno”), that’s who, and he’s the best, hottest foreign detective to play America since James Bond showed up all those decades ago.

Played to perfection by Rufus Sewell, Zen is an honest cop who still knows how to play the game — seemingly doing the bidding of pols, prosecutors and police brass while figuring out how to solve a case without destroying the powerful who may be behind the messes.

Complex? You bet. In fact, the cases are as complex as the winding streets and crazy piazzas of Rome — and just as much fun to traverse. MORE…