Belgian TV police drama. Police inspector Paul Gerardi, played by Filip Peeters, investigates the robbery of 66 safe deposit boxes at a private bank in Brussels. Created by Ward Hulselmans.

(2013 -Future Season to Follow) 1 Seasons, 12 Episodes

Available on Netflix, Netflix Streaming


CultTV Times’ Jayne Nelson’s review:

Riding on the coat-tails of the wave of Nordic noir drama currently doing so well in the U.K., Salamander – which has just finished airing on BBC4 – actually hails from a little further South: Belgium. Set in a rather pretty-looking Brussels, its characters speak both French and Flemish, experience the same kind of gritty, tense situations you’d find in shows such as The Killing or The Bridge, and the emphasis is firmly on solving a crime. There, however, the similarities end; Salamander is really more of a spy thriller than a police procedural, complete with earth-shaking conspiracies, double-agents and a lone lawman going on the run to find the truth. MORE…