An Irish P.I. series based on novels by Ken Bruen. Set in Galway Ireland, the series stars Iain Glen as Jack Taylor, a former officer with the Garda (national police) who turns private after leaving the service in disgrace.

(2010 -2013) 3 Seasons, 6 Episodes

Available on Netflix, Netflix Streaming, Acorn TV Streaming

The Observer’s Euan Ferguson’s second season review:

Jack Taylor, back for a second series, is an ex-alcoholic maverick ex-cop with a catalogue of spurious ditto. But Ken Bruen‘s novels, brought here to winning life by Iain Glen as Jack, do as the best do, which is to say nothing particularly different, just better. There’s little new in police procedurals, simply the fine line between wanting to throw the book against the wall/into the telly broadcasting the thing, and thinking “Actually, this is great!”

The Galway setting provides, as did the west coast of Wales in Hinterland, as much dysfunctional beauty as one could hope and dread to hold in one’s heart. MORE…