Jason Isaacs is private investigator Jackson Brodie in the British drama television series based on the detective novels by Kate Atkinson.  

(2011-2013) 2 seasons, 9 episodes

Available on Netflix DVD, PBS, Amazon Streaming, BBC

Mail Online’s Tim Oglethorp’s review:

Reluctant sleuth… Jason Isaacs was adamant he would never play a detective, so what made him agree to a BBC six-part crime series?

Here’s a conundrum for you. Jason Isaacs doesn’t like TV detectives, has turned down the chance to play them on several occasions, yet stars as marathon-running private eye Jackson Brodie in the six-part Case Histories, starting on BBC1 on Sunday.

An explanation is required and Jason, who turns 48 on Monday and is best known as evil, blond Lucius Malfoy in the Harry Potter films, soon obliges. ‘Case Histories isn’t a detective drama,’ he says.

‘Each of the Kate Atkinson novels, which feature Jackson Brodie, are character studies that just happen to involve crime and a private detective. I remember thinking, when I was voicing the audio books for the novels a while back, it would be wrong to file them under “crime” because they simply aren’t.’ MORE…