Inspector Salvo Montalbano, played by Luca Zingaretti, is a Sicilian police detective.  Created by Italian writer Andrea Camilleri.

(1999-2013) 9 series, 26 episodes


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The Guardian’s James Donaghy’s review:

Montalbano’s Sicily may look idyllic – but it retains the rough edges of the real Sicily. The state, the church and the mafia conspire to confuse, obstruct and cover-up their misdemeanours. The show is also good on human frailty: whether Catarella’s cowardice, Mimi’s weakness for women or Montalbano’s soft spot for Doctor Pasquano’s pastry rolls.

And you can’t help but like Montalbano. Although he can be bullish there’s a certain vulnerability and sophistication about him, particularly when it seems like he’s the only sane man on the police force, maybe even on the island. Whether he is railing against institutionalised corruption or tolerating Catarella’s latest malapropism Montalbano has a way of making you root for him – as the many women who find him hard to resist can attest. Maybe that’s why he’s a bit of a commitment-phobe when it comes to Livia – there always seems to be something better, more enticing around the corner. MORE…