Australian. Jack Irish, stars Guy Pearce as a former criminal lawyer’s life implodes after the death of his wife. Based on Peter Temple’s novels.

(2012-2014) 3 Episodes

Available on Acorn TV, Netflix

Gamefiends’ Amy’s review:

Jack Irish hasn’t been lucky in a long time. Once a promising young criminal defense lawyer, Jack’s life took a turn for the worse when a disgruntled client murdered Jack’s wife before taking his own life. Now, over a decade later, Jack is a lawyer no more, earning a living collecting debts and betting on horses. But a call from a convicted former client takes Jack’s life off course once again, as guilt and a sense of responsibility gets Jack back to investigating – even if it may be too late for a whole lot of people.

And so begins the first episode of Jack Irish, an Australian television series that is long on intrigue and dark humor. MORE…